You know, it occurs to me that in great art, we see great artists get born.

Born and then borne again as they lose the previous “innocence” of their youth. For my part in this, if I have a part (or that part, depending on whether you decide you want to consider the possibility of a ‘different’ way of thinking of something, which, of course, there always is…

I would say that Martin Luther King Jr. was the one who said it best so far — at least on this particular point — I would have people judge others by the contents of their character.

I would further say that when twelve camels are walking up a long and very steep slope, it doesn’t matter whether one camel is the “gutsiest” of the others, as might say the others, because guts aren’t a thing which we can measure in the time we are here to show each other the things that we found.

We find a pebble, perhaps. Perhaps it’s an interesting one. Perhaps it is the ‘center of our universe’ — a thing from which no mortal man could ever cleave us.

Why, on this happening, would a person ever believe that people would leave us because we found the pebble we were looking for?

Why do people seem at first to leave the person who has the whole world in his hand?

I will ask Elon. I am, for the moment, alone to my thoughts. Alone to the world, wishing it the best I have left in me, and wishing I had an automatic way to make WIX work, since e


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Brian Kent

I’m a sustainability advocate working to promote proliferation and understanding of electric vehicles and photovoltaic technology. Please send your questions!