Wringing in one’s ears

Brian Kent
4 min readSep 23, 2020

Ah, yes! Here we are again. Here is the world’s most-ever-thinking thought thinker about thinkable thoughts — done in a disciplined and iterative way — endeavoring to help people relax by engaging them with visions they are ill-equipped to independently visualize. How might one do that, you ask?

It is simple! Engage them so thoroughly that they forget about the troubles of the day. Problem solved!

And it is.

The troubles of the day impact your adrenal cycle and other hormonal systems, and can result in an overuse afflictions for various hormones akin to adrenal fatigue syndrome. It is logical to assume that an affliction of traceable or untraceable nature will in the clear majority of cases result in a sub-standard organismal locomotory and psychomotory activity, efficiency, or effectiveness/success. It seems obvious to assume we will not notice these things with human medicine systems easily or without cost. This compresses to better safe than sorry and also to a more nuanced approach to eating, resting, exercising, meditating, researching afflictions and sources of organismal stress, etc. than we currently use. [i.e. it might mean a slight reduction in the ‘pop down a burger and fries’ approach to American nutrition. BTW thank you Burger King, bravo on the Impossible Burger!]

Ooops! Pardon me! Did I just say all that out loud?

This is the base reason why leaning on our ‘fight-or-flight’ systems for 90% of the waking day versus 3% of the waking WEEK merely due to the adrenal euphoria those systems initiate — essentially a drug addiction — which is facilitated by a positive-feedback-loop system of marketing/advertising, which is a $200B annual industry in the U.S. alone —the reason why, I say, that is not an especially good idea. The US outspends, per capita, for eyeballs than any other country in the world by a multiplicative factor — more than 5x in virtually all cases. It also spends more on marketing than the entire bottom 70% wage earners have in savings aggregate.

This is effectively the equivalent of MACHINES TAKING OVER HUMANS.

It is no different; a ‘machine’ is a series of parts which could alternately be labeled ‘a system,’ a ‘business’, an ‘organizational method’ etc.

Of course this doesn’t especially matter, because humans are but a cog in the system of life; a cog on one wheel of a cart with many wheels, and one which is right about halfway between the mud of…

Brian Kent

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