We’re gonna do a little Q & A

  1. The tallest dandelions in a given yard are “usually the first to get their heads chopped off when a lawnmower appears.”
  2. Brian Kent does not like “dandy” lions. (We can take this to mean a person who occasionally lies about things which are provably true. We can take it further to mean someone who robs from the poor and gives to the rich. We can also take it to mean any person, system, organization, company, etc. which impedes both the fair and the fair-minded pursuit of his or her own happiness, provided the latter has conducted him or herself “without sin.”)
  3. Gaslighting IS a sin. It is equivalent to lying about someone to preserve or protect one’s own ‘agenda.’ This robs a person of his or her natural RIGHT to use the INTERNET (among other things) in a way which at least roughly corresponds to other ‘customers’ for example, who are paying equivalent fees to access it.
  4. A lie which could get a person killed is a lie which represents at least ONE (1) of the following: a) negligent infliction of emotional distress or b) intentional infliction of emotional distress
  1. Walmart (various very justifiable reasons)
  2. FTD (at least ONE (1) very justifiable reason)
  3. Verizon (too many reasons to count, if you don’t want to spend all day counting, assuming you’re counting by one at a time.)
  4. Alibaba (at least several different reasons)
  5. Amazon (the reason in #2 above and at least TWO (2) other reasons)
  6. Microsoft (various very justifiable reasons)
  7. At *least* one company Warren Buffett operates in part in Nevada
  8. Ford Motor company (or, alternatively, any of the other major automakers, with the exception of Tesla, for *at the very least* one reason which is shared by all of them)
  9. Aramark (obviously)
  10. Monsanto (obviously)
  11. Tesla, for reasons specified in “To Iterate.”
  1. There are plenty of “liberal snowflakes” lying around, here or there (note the double entendre) who might well be “willing to assist him where assistance might possibly be needed.”
  2. Jack Rickard’s excellent piece here: The Tesla Conspiracy… or Am I a Dead Whistleblower? — EVTV Motor Verks seems to indicate that every day of delay is ‘roughly equivalent to a $2.75 billion dollar loss’ to the people of earth, and since that means that the damages I am seeking are, in all likelihood, LESS THAN 40% of what the general public actually deserves in terms of damages, the figures above seem more than reasonable rather than less than reasonable.
  3. Since we know (from Niemöller if from no other place) that “he who does not stand up in a definable situation of oppression stands with the oppressor and we also know that there are plenty of *other* sentient life forms on this planet whose interests are also worth protecting, we can similarly conclude that the above estimate is again a LOW estimate of the damages owed rather than a high estimate.
  4. Since everyone who is familiar with either the present value of money or the concept of compounding does or should know that in a sustainable economy, there is no such thing as inflation, deflation, or even “variable currency values” every day of delay after 11.14.21 will result in “compounded daily damage values.”
  5. Since we *also* know that the existence of ‘horses in the back’ and a ‘relatively stable but tending to increase’ volume of energy consumption implies that some of the expected winners in this situation could essentially be oil companies which are “lower down the totem pole” we must add at least one additional rule to the above stipulations.
  6. Fossil fuel consumption in general will *DROP* relative to the historical record of consumption by a modest 1% in year 1, to be marked at the beginning of what we regard as the “normal Gregorian calendar” effective January 1, 2022.
  7. Since Brian Kent is demonstrably more trustworthy than anyone who has yet proposed a plan at least as reasonable as this one, he will be appointed as the sole trustee of these funds for two reasons: 1) there is no one better for the job, 2) there is no need to have more than one person assigned to this role.
  8. Since Brian Kent has proven his reasonable ability to subsist on $1043 and the generosity of his immediate family, he will be awarded a management fee for doing so for the next calendar year (11.14.21–11.14.22) and this fee will be 1% of the one day ROI it represents, or approximately $2.7M.
  9. The figure in #8 will become due and payable in full at midnight on 11/13/21
Hourly consulting rates.
  1. Determining who the REAL villains are.
  2. Gaining access to the pulpit.




I’m a sustainability advocate working to promote proliferation and understanding of electric vehicles and photovoltaic technology. Please send your questions!

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Brian Kent

Brian Kent

I’m a sustainability advocate working to promote proliferation and understanding of electric vehicles and photovoltaic technology. Please send your questions!

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