A bastard I am or at least may I be, for providing this impossible riddle in a number of parts which surely number far more than just three.

I don’t know which parts of the many which will here surely come, nor which of you is smart, which is smartest…

Today we examine lying. What it means. Whether it’s always bad, or whether you can even conclusively determine what it means one way or the other.

Can you lie to your car? Can you lie to your cat?

You can certainly lie to your mother. People do that seemingly all…

Okay, I don’t know if {they} whoever {they} are wanted to opejn THAT particular “Pandora’s Box,” but I swear I just got “rather definitive” indication that that would be something which *could possibly* make

Women around the world VERY VERY angry. [This time NOT my fault.]

Which kind of puts…

It is 2:58:34 as I begin typing this. An event of some significance to the world has just occurred in the past three (3) hours.

After utterly strenuous and stress-provoking negotiations with the world’s top billionaires utterly failed (in part because not all of them were not notified in a…

You probably already knew that you shouldn’t kick a fire truck, but I bet I can explain it in a way that bears strikingly little resemblance to the reasons you thought of the first time you thought about kicking one. However long ago that might have been.

Some people develop…

From: [indeterminate]

Those who actually ARE “smart” have nothing whatsoever to prove to those who are “kinda sorta” smart.

There is so very much to unpack here. But since I cannot (not yet, anyway) take physical form, I will leave it to you to decide whether God feels like just…

Brian Kent

I’m a sustainability advocate working to promote proliferation and understanding of electric vehicles and photovoltaic technology. Please send your questions!

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